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Summer Time Can Be Dangerous For Pets

It's the middle of July and it's scorching hot outside! With triple digits hitting numerous US cities day after day, times like these can be dangerous for your pets. While summer is a time for vacationing, spending time outdoors, etc., summer can also be a rude awakening for many pet owners. Not only is the heat a problem that many pets and pet owners face, but so are:

  • hot cars

  • swimming pools with steep sides or steps

  • waterfront docks

  • picnics with a plethora of harmful foods

  • high rise balconies

  • outdoor outings

While many hazards are abundant during the summer, taking precautionary measures can be placed before any summer time activity commences. For example, a swimming pool can be dangerous and fatal. People sometimes assume that all dogs know how to swim. That is not the case. Teach your pooch on how to use the steps, get in the water with him/her, show them how to seek out the steps on the side of the pool. Pool fences are also an excellent idea!

As for outdoor outings - make sure that your pooch does not have access to the foods on your picnic table or area. Some foods such as grapes, raisins, and chocolate are harmful to your pets. Outdoor concerts/events can also be dangerous - they can be stepped on, get overheated, or may not enjoy the crowds very much and start "snapping" at others nearby.

Your neighborhood can also be potentially dangerous as well. When taking your pet for a walk, look out for poisonous snakes, toads, and garbage that people have left behind (shame on them) such as chicken bones. Also, be on the lookout for pet bullies!

Remember, summer can also be a fun and exciting time - just be prepared.

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