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We’re a company who is passionate about staying COOL. We are dedicated to carrying the most innovative pet shade designs and showcasing the latest trends in pet comfort.

At IQP Canopies, our goal and mission, is to provide pet lovers all over the USA, a pet canopy that will provide their pets comfort, and cool surroundings during the hot and rainy weather - AND a complete 100% satisfaction from the owners who purchase our products.

IQP Canopies is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and distribution of shelter canopies for humans and pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, etc).

  • IQP Canopies pioneered the pet shade industry with it's own design and manufacturing processes of it's innovative, unique, well constructed, durable, and affordable pet shades

  • Currently available to ship our pet shades anywhere in the continental US

  • Provides a comfort product for pets during those hot weather, and rainy days

  • Our pet canopies provide shade from the harsh sun and those harmful UV rays at an affordable price


IQP Canopies is a family owned business, located in the Sun City of El Paso, Texas - where we know what the hot summer sun and blazing heat is about! We have several years experience in the design and manufacturing process of canopies and shade products.


Our products are manufactured for durability and each have a warranty. For information about our product warranties, visit us here.

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