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Q & A's

Do you sell other colors othr than the ones you have listed?

At this moment, we are carrying the 4 colors listed. We may consider more if customers request other colors.

You mention that the canopies can be secured to the ground. Does the kit provide the stakes for this?

No, the stakes are not included in the kit. They can be purchased at any large home improvement store.

There are other canopies much cheaper. Why should I purchase one from you?

Our pet canopies are priced higher as they are built to last, They are durable and heavy duty . Others in the market are not as sturdy, and are more prone to be swept away with strong winds. Our canopy top is made from a commercial grade fabric. They are built to last for a very long time!

I operate an animal sanctuary. If I purchase more than one, can I get a discount?

Yes, absolutely. Just contact us before making the purchase. We are happy to provide our canopies to animal shelters, humane societies, etc.

Can I wash the canopy top?

Yes you can. Click here for instructions.

Do you sell other items to keep my dog cooler?

Yes, we can make a back flap to attach to the back of the canopy to block the sun and the harmful UV rays from the back. Contact us  for this special request..

If you have any questions, comments about our products, let us know.

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