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I bought this canopy thinking that it would be a hard assemble, boy was I wrong! It was a breeze to set up.
Plus, it actually cooled down the area where the dog house is.



Should have bought this earlier, my dog Bandit loves it! Plus, the fact that I can move it around makes it even better.


Love it, love it! I had purchased a smaller and less expensive canopy, but it only lasted a few months. Everytime it got windy, the canopy was like a leaf, this one I was able to secure to the ground. This looks like it will last a bit longer as the canopy top is very durable.



I was kinda hesitant because of the price, but am glad I bought one for my pet rabbits. They seem to enjoy the shade that it provides, plus, it is very sturdy compared to others that are in the market.




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