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Traveling With Your Pet This Summer?

It is July and thousands will be hitting the road to go on vacation. Will you be taking Fido or Mittens along on the ride? A few basic supplies and preparation will make your trip a much safer trip for your pet. Here are a few tips to make traveling safe and comfortable for your pet.

Supplies For Your Pet

The basics such as a water dish, pet food, bedding such as a mat, leash and collar/harness, medications, pet ID tags, and any others that will make your pet feel comfortable and safe while traveling (pet toy).

Pet Carriers If traveling by plane, it is mandatory to carry your pet in a pet carrier. So, before placing your pet in the carrier that same day, prepare and practice. What? Yes, before traveling, prepare the carrier with your pets favorite blanket and favorite play toy. Then, a few days before traveling, place your pet in the carrier for a few minutes, to get acclimated to it's "portable" and temporary home. By doing this, it gets your pet comfortable in the carrier and thus will reduce the stress of traveling.

Pet Identification Your pet should wear a sturdy collar or harness that includes a tag with your address, and phone number. You should also consider in taking a few photos of your pet in case on an emergency. It will make it a lot easier for the airline employees, police, shelter employees, or others, to help find your pet if lost.


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