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TIPS To Keep Your Pets Safe During The "Trick O Treat" Time

Yes, you may be wondering why a posting about Halloween on the first week of September? Well, we like to stay ahead of the game!

For many pets, the trick or treat time is a scary time. Here are some tips on keeping your pets safe on Halloween:

  1. Ringing doorbells and knocking - dogs and cats sometimes go crazy when they here the doorbell ring or someone knocking at the door, so keep a close on them as the kiddos will be doing this quite frequently while trick or treating. It's best to keep them at a distance to reduce the barking and stress that they may exhibit

  2. Decorations - keep the decorations away from the furry ones, spider webs in particular may be a hazard to Fluffy

  3. Pet costumes - sure Fido may look cute, but make sure that the costume is not a safety hazard or a choking waiting to happen

  4. Loud noises - there will be plenty of them as kids will be hitting the streets. Keep an eye an ear open!

  5. Candy - yep, those chocolate candies can be unsafe for your pets

  6. Visitors - or in this case, kids (& parents) out trick or treating. Be mindful that pets sometimes don't like visitors coming to the front door, especially someone looking like Chewbaca!

  7. People in costumes - your furry little friend may get scared with all those goblins and scary looking kids

  8. Pet ID tags - on Halloween, lots of pets tend to get scared and lost, so make sure your pet has his/her ID tag just in case

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