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How To Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

Well, the summer months are here and that means high scorching temperatures. This means uncomfortable and dangerous times are ahead for our little furry friends. Here are just a few tips on how to keep your pets safe and comfortable:

  • Never leave your pets locked in a parked car We can't stress that enough! Not even for a minute. On a warm day, temps can reach as high as 102 degrees within minutes inside a car. After 30 minutes, the temps can reach 120 degrees - thus giving your pet complications to breathe, irreversible organ damage, or can possibly die

  • Limit your pets exercise on a hot day On very hot days, limit the exercise to early mornings or evening hours. Asphalt in the summer tends to get hot, so, if possible avoid the asphalt and sidewalks - find some grass.

  • Don't rely on a fan Pets respond to heat differently than humans do, for instance, dogs sweat through their feet. And, fans really arent effective as they are on people

  • Provide ample shade and water Our pet canopies are a perfect fit for you and your pets. Anytime your pet is outside, provide plenty of shade to protect them from the heat and sun. Trees are a good solution as they do not obstruct the air flow. Dog houses on the other hand, do NOT provide relief.

  • Cool your pets inside and out If your pet loves water, then a cool splash down will help them stay cool. When indoors, a nice cool bath will help as well.

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